NHS dental care

As an NHS patient at an Oasis practice, you can be confident that we will not only aim to provide you with excellent NHS dentistry, but that you'll also benefit from great customer care in a relaxed environment.

At Oasis, patient care comes first. That's why we are committed to ensuring as many people as possible can benefit from quality clinical care and customer service - whether they choose to access dental care as an NHS or private patient.

Oasis provides NHS dentistry in England and Wales and Health Service dentistry in Northern Ireland and many are currently accepting new patients.

NHS dental care is designed for everyone, whatever your age or however long it is since you last saw a dentist. NHS dentists are there to provide the treatment that is necessary to maintain the health of your mouth, teeth and gums.

There are three standard charges for all NHS dental treatments. This makes it easier to know how much you may need to pay for the care you receive.

Band 1 - This covers an examination, diagnosis (eg: x-rays), advice on how to prevent future problems, and a scale and polish if needed. Urgent treatment when you need to see a dentist immediately is also a Band 1 charge. The charge for this level of treatment is £18.50 in England and £13.00 in Wales.

Band 2 - This covers everything listed in Band 1, above, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or if your dentist needs to take out one or more of your teeth. The charge for this level of treatment is £50.50 in England and £42.00 in Wales.

Band 3
- This covers everything listed in Bands 1 and 2 above, plus crowns, dentures or bridges. The charge for this level of treatment is £219.00 in England and £180.90 in Wales.

All charges apply to an overall course of treatment, and not the individual items within the course of treatment. You will only pay one charge for each course of treatment, even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it.

Some people, such as under 18s and pregnant women, are exempt from charges - just ask any member of our team for more information before you have any treatment with us.

Please note that a different pricing structure operates under Health Service dentistry in Northern Ireland.

Some treatments, including those of a cosmetic nature such as white fillings and crowns, are not routinely available under the NHS. However, Oasis's NHS patients can benefit from our full range of dental care and access such treatment options privately if it's not covered as part of their NHS care. All you need to do is ask your Oasis dentists about the full range of options available to enhance the appearance of your smile when you have your next check up.


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