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There are plenty of opportunities across the Oasis estate for newly qualified dentists to build and grow their careers.

Our recruitment teams visit a number of recruitment events across the UK, however if you are interested to find out more about opportunities at Oasis, either contact our recruitment team on or send us some more details and we'll give you a call.

All newly qualified dentists will be supported by a 'mentor' in their home practice. They will also have access to all of the Oasis training courses and the support offered by our Regional Clinical Support Teams.

James Chesterman

James Chesterman, Oasis Long Eaton

Upon joining the Oasis dental practice in Long Eaton I have been able to develop my skills in general dentistry. The step from the golden gates of dental school to real life practice is a challenging and daunting process. With help from my trainers and the support of Oasis I have been able to independently manage my patient care. The support network provides opportunities in interests outside of my practice, with funded courses and internal specialist practice visits. The portfolio of evidence required for MJDF examinations requires an understanding of the governance and legislation surrounding running a practice. This is something that Oasis is very keen to comply with, and therefore provides much of the evidence required for the key skills portfolio. The overall experience of working at Oasis has been an enjoyable one, with friendly team members to work alongside.


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