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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of all health and adult social care in England.

From 2010, the CQC has required all dental practices to be registered with them and to submit an assessment audit of the services they provide.

All Oasis practices are registered with the CQC and, rather than conduct its own self-assessment, Oasis appointed an independent service company, DBG, to audit all of its practices and train staff in every Oasis site in England to ensure we meet and surpass the requirements of CQC.

All Oasis practices are registered with the CQC

These audits are completed annually and we have invested heavily in training for our staff to ensure we continue to maintain and deliver the appropriate standards of care required by the CQC. All practices have a registered CQC manager.

Our goal is to surpass the minimum standards in each of our practices. We have invested several million pounds in our practices to ensure we deliver a high level of compliance and all practices meet Essential Quality Requirements (EQR) of recent HTM 01-05 legislation.

The CQC measures all dental practices on a range of criteria including:-

  • Respecting and involving people who use services
  • Consent to care and treatment
  • Clarity of Fees
  • Care and welfare of people who use services
  • Meeting nutritional needs
  • Cooperating with other providers
  • Safeguarding people who use services from abuse
  • Cleanliness and infection control
  • Management of medicines
  • Safety and suitability of premises
  • Safety, availability and suitability of equipment
  • Requirements relating to workers
  • Staffing
  • Supporting workers
  • Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision
  • Managing Complaints
  • Maintain Patient Records

The company has completed the CQC audit of all practices and registered the results with the CQC.

Oasis collects patient feedback on its service provision in all practices, every month, to gather our patients' views on our success in delivering these outcomes.

Oasis is committed to working with the CQC to improve standards of care both within Oasis practices and across the dental industry in general.

In Northern Ireland, all practices have submitted audits and the RQIA (Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority) have inspected all Oasis sites with extremely positive outcomes.

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